Jayawant Public school not only cares for the intellectual development of the student, but also his/her emotional development. The school provides a healthy, congenial atmosphere that nurtures the growth of the character of the student, encouraging healthy habits, and developing their personalities. Cultivating Rational and logical thinking, encouraging lateral thinking, providing the right atmosphere for the purpose is one of the aims of the school.

In the Primary section, emphasis is laid on the Speaking and the Listening skills. The children are allowed to explore, to feel free to quest and the teacher is the guide, allowing the child space and time to learn things at his/her own pace.

In the secondary section learning takes place by doing, where knowledge and activities are not separated from each other, and the virtuous, character of the child is built to last a life time.
We also strive to instill the principle of universal peace and tolerance, so that every child who comes to us leaves the school with a habit of humanity, making our future world a harmony and goodwill towards all.

Activities appeal to the child's innate tendencies. In Jayawant Public School we provide theme-based activities that are learning related. Language is taught through phonetic sounds. Number work is taught through concrete examples and is led to conclude step by step in a logical way. EVS is taught through play involving investigation, exploration and discovery.
Multimedia and audio visual aids further facilitate their learning and the fivefold development i.e. Physical development, Social development, Emotional development, mental development and Spiritual development.

Our staff handles the children with utmost care and dedication, the teaching methods’ will bear in mind the following approaches towards education.
A Child centered Pedagogy and management system approach is followed towards educating students in our school.
Interdisciplinary and experiential Learning Opportunities are provided which culminates in Holistic Assessment and Evaluation.