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About Jayawant Public School

"JAYAWANT SHIKSHAN PRASARAK"(JSPM) Pune is one of the most trusted name in quality education , which is recognized through the academic world for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence.

JSPM’S Jayawant Public School, Pune was establish in the year 2014 Jayawant Public School was the initiative of JSPM society and is located in the serene, beautiful campus of JSPM Hadapsar. Jayawant Public School is affiliated to CBSE New Delhi and offers schooling from Grade I to Grade X .

The school offers a complete holiest development of students.

We believe to develop the students keeping the main objectives of education as the ultimate aim to be achieved. And for that we provide-

  • Good Schooling to provide best possible education.

  • Primarily aiming to develop in the student quality of integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion, to foster a scientific temper within the bonds of humanism.

  • To help the students to become a meaningful part of his environment.

  • To assists the students to unfold their latent talents and capacities and to help them to grow to the highest possible level in as many fields as possible for each individual.

  • In addition, to facilitating their physical, mental, spiritual, aesthetic and ethical growth the school invest them with an indomitable spirit.

  • We Endeavour to instill in them the quality of self worth and they will be motivated in life to do right things.

  • We focus to develop communication skills, leadership qualities, and life skills, such as problem solving, realistic goal setting, self confidence, decision making, independent thought etc.

  • Although high academic achievement is undoubtedly our Endeavour, Our goal is the development of the child’s total personality- self discipline, self reliance, alertness, team work, concern for others, to be in harmony with nature, are some important traits we are trying to inculcate.

  • The intellectual development of the child i.e. To encourage his/her use of language, help the child to learn, stimulate his/her curiosity and lay the foundation for the development of conceptual learning.

  • The aesthetic development of the child, i.e. To give the child an opportunity to experiment with a variety of material, art and music, encourage the child to be creative and expressive, also awaken in the child a growing awareness and appreciation of beauty.

  • The physical development of the child, i.e. To help the child to use his/her body effectively by providing space to play, training in personal hygiene and conducting eye and dental checkup.

  • The creation of an effective transition from home to school i.e. provides mutually supportive conditions for the child’s development both at home and School.

  • Inculcation of moral values, i.e. to respect teachers & elders and the helping staff, develop team spirit and place others before self.



“To provide nature and maintain an environment of high academic excellence research and entrepreneurship for all aspiring student, which will prepare them to face global challenge maintaining high ethical and moral standard.”

“To satisfy the aspirations of youth force, who wants to lead nation towards prosperity through techno-economic development”


“To satisfy the aspiration of youth force, who want to lead nation towards prosperity through techno- economic development.”

“To provide, nuture and maintain an environment of high academics excellence, research and entrepreneurship for all aspiring students, which will prepare them to face global challenges maintaining high ethical and moral standards.”

Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

Jayawant Public School is a school with a difference! We value individualization, Creativity and innovation and strive to nurture them in our students.

JPS Hadapsar, believes in creating Happy and Empowered students. We have a vision to incorporate life skills based education through collaborative approach to learning. Children are exposed to immense experiential activities wherein each child learns by ‘mode of doing’.

Our endeavor is to inspire and empower our students to be life-long learners, critical thinkers and productive members of an eve changing global society. Students are motivated to channelize their potential in the pursuit of excellence in a holistic, student-centered environment.

The chief motive of our institution is to synthesize the modern knowledge and technology with the values of Indian culture. The student leadership is given utmost priority. Our motto is to link education with real world outside the school boundary. The focus is to create a school where students are connected to the real world and contribute meaningfully to the society.

I am confident that JPS, Hadapsar will always be a beacon of light guiding the destiny of its students while radiating kindness and compassion as it soars high in its pursuit of academic excellence and fulfillment of the school mission-

"Preparing students to face global challenges maintaining high ethical and moral standards by providing, nurturing and maintaining an environment of high academic excellence, research and entrepreneurship".

Our success lies in TEAM approach to education- Each stakeholder contributes to the development of students, in some way or the other.

Together Each one Achieves More (TEAM).

Mrs. M. Chowdhury
MSc, BEd, MPhil, MBA


Sr.No. Title Purpose
1 Department of Mechanical Engineering For Mathematics Laboratory.
2 Educomp Pvt Ltd For the smartclass digital learning.
3 Olympiad foundation For conducting Olympiad exams in our school.(Subjects- Science, Maths, ICT, English)
4 Mumbai Science Teachers Association For conducting Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik competition to inculcate scientific attitude and search science talent and motivate them towards basic sciences and clear scientific concepts.
5 NCERT For National Talent Search Examination (A national level scholarship program for std 10th students).
6 N. Wadia College, Pune For Maharashtra Talent Search Examination for students of class VII to X of Maharashtra State for scholarships and prizes.
7 Maharashtra Ganit Adhyapak Mandal For conduction of Maharashtra Ganit Prabhutva exam to check knowledge of aspirants towards Mathematics.
8 Government of Maharashtra Elementary/Intermediate Drawing Exam For students of Std 6th and above for Design , memory drawing , still-life, nature, freehand and Geometry.

Scholarships & Awards

Sr.No. Titles of Scholarship/Awards Eligibility
1 Scientific Olympiad Foundation Award for students of classes II To X for Science, Math's, Cyber, English, General Knowledge after Two rounds of competition exam
2 DR. HOMI BHABHA YOUNG SCIENTIST SCHOLARSHIP Scholarship for the students in std. VI \ IX belonging to SSC, CBSE and ICSE board from all over Maharashtra are eligible to participate in the competition.
3 NATIONAL TALENT SEARCH EXAM Scholarship for the students should have minimum 55% marks or equivivalent grade in class X examination (relax able by 5% for (sc \ st )
4 GANIT PRABHUTWA EXAM Scholarships for aspirants who have passed 4th and 7th class are eligible to apply for the Ganit Pravinya exam. They are required to have a score of 60% and above in Mathematics in order to attend the test


Mrs. Moushumi Chowdhury
Designation: Principal
Qualification:M.Sc B.Ed MPhil MBA
Mail: principal_jps@jspm.edu.in

Our Team

Mrs. Madhushree M. S.

Designation : Co ordinator
Qualification : M.Sc B.Ed
Mail : msmadhushree1@gmail.com

Mrs. Parna Das

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.Com B.Ed.
Mail : parnadas72@gmail.com

Mrs. Vrushali Khamkar

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A; B.Ed.(Eng)
Mail : vrushalinevase@gmail.com

Mrs. Shilpa Patil

Designation :
Qualification : B.Sc.(Maths),B.Ed, M.Sc
Mail :

Mrs. Deepti Thakare

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A, B.Ed.(Mar)
Mail : Deepti.thakare1@gmail.com

Mrs. Sheetal Thakur

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A, B.Ed.(Hin)
Mail : tsheetal82@gmail.com

Mrs. Pallavi Thakur

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A, B.Ed.(Hin)
Mail : Pathakur12@gmail.com

Mrs. Pranita Sharma

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.Sc.(Micro), B.Ed, D.T.L.
Mail : pranitasharma16@gmail.com

Mrs. Sharayu Pawar

Designation : Co ordinator
Qualification : B.Sc. B.Ed.
Mail : pawar_sharayu@rediffmail.com

Mrs. Patil Swati

Designation : PRT
Qualification : BA(English), B.Ed
Mail : swatipatil0676@gmail.com

Mrs. Jadhav Pratibha Suhas

Designation : PRT
Qualification : MA(Hindi), B.Ed
Mail : Jadhav24.pratibha@gmail.com

Ms. Suvarna Kodre

Designation : PRT
Qualification : MA.Bed.Hindi
Mail : suvarnakore7272@gmail.com

Mrs.Pratibha Shrivastava

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.Sc Chemistry,B.Ed
Mail : pratiyogi@gmail.com

Mrs. Panchal Uma Narayan

Designation : PRT
Qualification : MA(Marathi),B.Ed
Mail : umap348@gmail.com

Mrs. Kulkarni Uma

Designation : PRT
Qualification : MA(Music,Marathi) B.Ed
Mail : priyajoshi786@gmail.com

Mrs. Bongale Neha N.

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.A(Marathi, histroy), M.Ed
Mail : bongaleneha@gmail.com

Mrs. Nikam Vaishali Milind

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc. B.Ed
Mail : smilindnikam@gmail.com

Mrs.Radhika Thaware

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc,M.Sc(MicroBiology)B.Ed
Mail : radha_thaware@rediffmail.com

Mrs.Sharmila Raut

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc(Chem), B.Ed
Mail : sharmilaraut88@gmail.com

Bandana Singh

Designation : PRT
Qualification : BA(SST,English), BED
Mail : bandanasingh@gmail.com

Ajay Khanapure

Designation : TGT
Qualification : B.com
Mail : Ajaykhanapure14@gmail.com

Jabbar Tamboli

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A, M.Ed
Mail : tamboli_jabbar1@yahoo.co.in

Mrs. Vhaval Ruchita Dinesh

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc (Bot)M.Sc,(Bot) B.Ed
Mail : ruchitavhaval@gmail.com

Mrs. Singh Tara

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc.B.Ed. PGDCA
Mail : 12tarasingh@gmail.com

Mrs. Ashwini Kakasaheb Deshmukh

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc(Chem), B.Ed
Mail : ashuveeru143@gmail.com

Mrs. Ambekar Gayatree Sachin

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc(Chem), B.Ed
Mail : ambekargayatree@gmail.com

Mrs. Pise Suvarna

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc(Phy,Chem,Bio), B.Ed
Mail : suvarnapise6@gmail.com

Ms. Sultana Shaikh

Designation :
Qualification : BA(Hindi), B.Ed
Mail : shaikhsultana56@gmail.com

Ms.Poonam Pandit

Designation : TGT
Qualification : MSc B.Ed.
Mail : poonam.ghodake@gmail.com

Ms. Shashikala Bhandwalkar

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc. B.Ed
Mail : Shashikala.n.bhandwalkar@gmail.com

Mrs .Kanchan Raj

Designation :
Qualification : M.Sc, (Zoo)B.Ed
Mail :

Mrs.Veena Gupta

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.A.,Bed(English)
Mail : veenaamma03@gmail.com

Mrs.Manisha Gurav

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc,Bed (Phy)
Mail : manishangurav@gmail.com

Mrs. Smita Yadav

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc,Bed (Electronics)
Mail : smitayadavmayank@gmail.com

Mrs. Ambika Domogaonkar

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc,B.ed ( M.sc Appeared)
Mail : domgaonkarmd@kpcl.net

Mrs. Asha Ladkat

Designation : PRT
Qualification : BA. D.Ed, DIP in Handcraft & work Experience
Mail : jspmjps@gmail.com

MS. Rupa Nikam

Designation : PRT
Qualification : G.D. Art, MFA
Mail : parthart.rn@gmail.com

Mr.Abhijit Harpale

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Com. Karate Black Belt
Mail : abhiharpale308830@gmail.com

Mr.Laxman Jadhav

Designation : PRT
Qualification : MP.Ed
Mail : jspmjps@gmail.com

Mrs. Rupali S. Chalwadi

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.A. Eng. B.Ed.(Pursuing)
Mail : Chalwadirupali86@gmail.com

Mrs. Sujaya Dhar

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.Sc.(Biotech). B.Ed.(Pursuing)
Mail : karsujata71@gmail.com

Mrs. Deshpande Shreelaxmi

Designation : Co ordinator
Qualification : M.Sc, B.Ed
Mail : shrilaxmid1@gmail.com

Mrs. Vaishali

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.A., B.Ed
Mail : Vaishali_m_j@yahoo.co.in

Pradnya Bansude

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.sc,B.Ed
Mail : Adlingpradnya@gmail.com

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