"Quality Education is Our Prime MOTO " ,Enroll your Child Now!

We believe to develop the students keeping the main objectives of education as the ultimate aim to be achieved. And for that we provide-
 Good Schooling to provide best possible education.
 Primarily aiming to develop in the student quality of integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion, to foster a scientific temper within the bonds of humanism.
 To help the students to become a meaningful part of his environment.
 To assists the students to unfold their latent talents and capacities and to help them to grow to the highest possible level in as many fields as possible for each individual.

Our School

"Quality Education is Our Prime MOTO " ,Enroll your Child Now!

Active learning

The school further believes in inculcating in students “The right attitude towards life.”

Play Ground

The purpose of Playgrounds Physical Activity Programs is to introduce children and to the many choices of playground games available on playgrounds and field areas.

School Bus

Bus facility is available for students and faculty members from all the corners of Pune city.

Natural Environment

To be recognized globally as an exmplary school with an exceptionally innovative learning environment.

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"Quality Education is Our Prime MOTO " ,Enroll your Child Now!

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Happy Parents

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

Thank You teachers For your Special Care towards each Student.

Suchita Biradar