“In its vision, all JPS students are motivated and inspired to become qualified and confident individuals. A sense of responsibility guides all students to contribute to the welfare of society. A school that believes that an educational institution is one where a soul of an individual is shaped for lifetime. The school rises above the confines of conventional teaching to aid with an activity based curriculum, the institution initiates character development and the highly qualified faculty ensures academic excellence.”


  • To provide insightful education that awakens creative and leadership skills in every individual student to create lifelong learners.
  • To create a school that puts the joy back into learning.
  • To foster global outlook and instill values of respecting diversity, empathy, tolerance, personal integrity, open-mindedness and cooperation.
  • To impart knowledge that embraces the prescribed curriculum of the institution as well as that of the world beyond the classroom.

 And, most importantly, to give all glory and respect for every breathing moment, to Almighty.