1. Cyber Crime and Security Seminar



              The overall development of students is the resultant of the efforts of student, himself, teacher and parents. In the school teacher teachers are taking efforts to mould the student and at home parents do the same thing. But at times the direction of teacher and parents do not match and they try to develop the students in different way and the student feel as if he is at the centre and tug of war is  been played by teacher and parent.
To avoid the above said situation our school had undertaken an initiative to work together as a team. In view of that we had organized four orientation programme throughout the year for parents.


2. Differences between state board and CBSE

                       Most of the Parents they themselves have completed their education through state board. Very few of them may had been educated through CBSE .But during the course of time the complete scenario of CBSE is changed. To make the Parents aware about this, an orientation subjective to the differences between state board and CBSE was organized. In this session how CBSE has the same curriculum throughout the India & abroad is been explained.

               How this board the help the students to develop their reasoning abilities, Analytical skill, Creativity, observation skill was been explained. What is the role of parents to match with the view of CBSE was explained.

                 The parents were happy to know about it. They express their gratitude towards the Principal and the school management for organizing such intellectual session.



CCE is the base of CBSE. Where the evaluation of a student is continuously done throughout the year.

                         The above mentioned strategy of CCE was explained to parents. The differences between formative assessment and summative assessment. The tools used for formative assessment its evaluation system and co-scholastic area etc. had been discussed with them.

            The parents were overwhelmed after the session. Many of them said that they had never been informed about CCE in other schools. They offered their sincere thanks to the Principal and the management of the school.



                     Parenting has become a tedious job now a day due to the advance generation and their unlawful expectations. Though every parent now a days have only one or two  children, but due to busy schedule of the parents they do not get mush of time of the parents to discuss , to share, to play etc. everyone in the family is stressed out. Hence to make them comfortable and to accept the challenges of parenting an orientation program based on Good parenting was organized. How to tackle the adamant, curious, lazy, hyper active, slow learners, interrogative children were discussed. How to bridge the generation gap, how to deal with the adolescent child etc. also was discussed. Ten basic principles which were wildly accepted by the psychologist also were discussed with the parents.

            There were knew no bonds the joy of the parents. Every parent accepted that they have got the new vision about the parenting and they will try to follow the basic principles. They expressed a deep sense of gratitude towards the principal and management.

5. How to develop the creativity among the children


“Change is a need of time”. Is a right proverb.

            We have fundamentally changed the experience of childhood in such a way that impairs creative development. Joy and entertainment companies feed kids as endless stream of prefab characters, images, prop and lines that allow children to put their imaginations to rest.

            Being creative enables children to make connections between one area of learning and other and so extend their understanding. This area includes art, music, dance, role-play and imaginative play.

            The parents were guided on the same line and also we were able to convince them to boost the creativity of their own child.