Mathematics day celebration.


  1. To recognize the contribution of the great Indian Mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan in the field of mathematics.
  2. To recognize that mathematics permeates the world around us
  3. To appreciate the usefulness, power and beauty of mathematics
  4. To understand and be able to use the language, symbols and notation of mathematics.
  5. To develop mathematical curiosity and use inductive and deductive reasoning when solving problems.
  6. To become confident in using mathematics.
  7. To analyse and solve problems both in school and in real life situations
  8. To develop knowledge ,skills and attitudes necessary to persue further studies in mathematics


In India, the day December 22 has been declared as the National Mathematics Day.

The decision to designate the year 2012 as National Mathematics Year was announced by Dr Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, during the inaugural ceremony of the celebrations to mark the 125th birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan held at the Madras University Centenary Auditorium on 26 February 2012. The Prime Minister also announced that December 22 would be celebrated as National Mathematics Day from 2012 onwards.

In Jaywant public school, the mathematics day was celebrated with great fervor. We had invited Mr. Khildar mathematics professor of polytechnic college and Dr Tripathi MCA Mathematics department as a chief guest.

The program began with Saraswati Vandan. Welcome and devotional song was sung by music teacher Mrs Bageshri madam. This was followed by a choir sung by standard 6th students. The program flow was smoothly anchored by Mrs. Arpita Kasture madam.

The program began with Importance of Mathematics in our day to day life. This was presented by Mrs. Sunita Dixit one of the maths teacher. The teacher gave importance of mathematics in a very simple language and giving many day to day examples. It was a interactive session. This was followed by A power point presentation of Ramanujans life history and his contribution in the field of mathematics. A very in depth knowledge was given by Mrs. Madhushree madam who is Maths teacher of JPS. Then a quiz program was conducted by both maths teahers Sunita mam and Madhushree mam. Four groups were made each consisting of four students. The groups were named Aryabhatta, Sridhara , Brahmagupta, Sushruta.

The questions and PowerPoint presentation was prepared personally by both teachers. It consisted of five rounds. Who am I round, Inserting symbols round, Passing round, Visual round and Rapid round. This program was very exciting for the students. Marks were given by two teachers Mrs. Vaishali mam and coordinator Mrs. Sharayu mam.

The quiz was followed by Sanskrit song and mean while judges announced the results. Certificates were given to winners. This was followed by a brief speech by honorable chief guests and finally few golden words by our principal madam. Finally the program ended by a vote of thanks given by our Mrs Parna mam.

Investiture Ceremony


1) To provide stimulating , purposeful and seure environment

2) To enable all children to develop the necessary social skills in cheerful and stress free atmosphere.

3)To Imbibe positive values among students that will be foundation of secure and confident individuals who are good human beings.

4) To promote development of academic excellence, discipline, character, moral values and national integration among children.

5)To inculcate in children the values of empathy, compassion, and respect towards environment.


If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more than you are a leader”- John Quincy Adams.

The investiture ceremony denotes investment in big leaders and the trust and confidence we repose in newly invested office bearers for the involvement of the student’s community in day today functioning of the school, since we believe in child centric approach.

Similarly the ceremony was held at our school on 3rd Nov , with of enthusiasm and gusto. It was initiated with Sarsawati Poojan, followed by lightning of the lamp signifies removed of darkness continuous upward movement of the flames denotes the path wisdom and divinity . The function was then followed by a melodious song by our school’s choir group “Swagat Karuyu “ . Later facilition ceremony done by our respected Principal mam Mrs . Unnati Joshi to our chief guest Mr. Satish Sangale and Mr. Dilip Kadam.

One more song by our dear students was “ Udhalit Shat Kirana” which was veru melodious and was accompanied by our students of V and VI miss Sanjot, Sneha, & Sara.

Delegation of responsibility and giving authority to children is important as it teacher them, life long skill being powerful , punctual , caring , responsible and best citizen.

So thus, the selected students as well as those mistress received badges from our principal mam & our respected guests.

1) Green House – Mrs. Prathana mam.

2) Yellow House – Mrs. Madhushree Gupta.

3) Blue House – Mrs. Seema mam.

4)Red House – Mrs. Sarita mam.

Among students form class V to VI.

1) Head boy – Mast .Manodip Lohar.

2) Head girl – Miss. Janvi Chauhan.

House wise Captain and vice captains.

1)Red House – Captain – Mast. Atharva kadam.

Red House – Vice Capatain – Miss. Malika Ambhare.

2)Yellow House – Captain- Mast.Toham Shaikh.

Yellow House – Vice captain- Miss. Mrunmai bhade.

3)Green House – Captain –Mast. Pushkar Patil.

Green House – Vice Captain –Miss Mansi Pradhan

4)Blue House – Captain – Mast. Atharv Jadhav.

Blue House – vice Captain – Miss.Sanskruti Samyajula.

Later,head boy monodip took oath followed by other house members and class IV students performed a sizzling pom-pom dance on the floor. We also had had a inspirational speech by our dear Joshi mam and our guests.

Under the guidance and best wishes from our campus director Mr. Bugade Sir, this programme was a great success and unforgettable event of this year.



  1. To overcome superstitious belief among people.
  2. To create awareness about snakes as they are becoming extinct.
  3. To teach students and teachers against the fear of snake bite.
  4. To know more regarding folktales of this festival.
  5. To inculcate more knowledge regarding Nagpanchmi.


Nagpanchmi is a traditional worship of snakes or serpants observed by Hindus throughout

India & Nepal. It is observed that on 5th day of bright half of lunar month of Shravan . Snakes are worshipped with milk of sweet ,flower, lamps and even sacrifies. Mantras are also chanted while praying. Fast is observed and Brahmins are fed on this occasion.

In some parts of India like south part this festival is celebrated by pouring milk on picture of snakes made on stones & pooja is performed . It is also believed that women who don’t have children may blessed with this Nag pooja on Nagpanchmi.

Shukla Paksha Panchmi day in month of Shravan when Takshaka, the king of snakes and his remaining at that time were saved from decimation by the Sarpa Satra Yagna. Since that day the festival is observed as” Nagpanchami.”

This festival was also celebrated at our school on 19th of August with great enthusiasm. For the same Mrs.Rajendra Pardeshi was there at our school, who gave more information about poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. He not only gave our stundents information but also guided with first aid treatment after snake bite. Like –

  1. Be quick in calling for medical help
  2. Keep the person calm.
  3. Make the person lie down with wound below the heart.
  4. Create a loose splint to help restrict movement of area.
  5. Cover the wound with lose, sterily bandage .

This guidance made our students aware of first aid during snake bite.

We also have parent representative at our function Mr. Ganesh Dhawan. One of our stundent Sneha Mali sang a song “ye bholya shankra”. Similarly one of PRT Teacher Mrs. Vaishali Nikam told a story of Nagpanchmi to all our dear students.

As guest of hounour we also had our campus director V.A. Bugade Sir, Assitant campus director Dr. Sanjay Sawant Sir who conveyed there best wishes on this occasion.


Objectives –

1.To make aware the children that 21stjune is the longest day of the year.

2.To make known to the children about the process of solstice.

3.To inculcate the interest for geographical events.

4.To encourage students to know more aboutearth,and to develop love for earth’s environment.


The longest day of 21stjune was celebrated on 22ndjuneie;on Monday in the school assembly. The information regarding it was provided by the principal Mrs.Unnati Joshi her self,she explained about “what is a longest day?”,why the day of 21stjune is considered as the longest day of the northenhemisphere.When the sun rays are perpendicular and directly falling on the tropic of cancer,that day experiences maximum hours of sunlight and is called summer solstice.That day the north hemisphere is thoroughly inclined towards the sun.Then afterwards the SST teacher mrs.arpita came over and explained with a big globe about the position of earth and the sun and the process of solstice was clarified to the students.Afterwards a small quiz was conducted regarding earth and environment.Questions were asked like,

Qu.what are two poles of earth?

Qu.what are various hypothetical lines on earth?

Qu.How earth’s environment is detoriating? Etc;

So that students develop a sense of concern for EARTH and it’senvironment.All students participated actively and showed enthusiasm for the day.



1.To make aware children about various processing units of milk dairy.

2.To gain more knowledge about the dairy unit through the short excursion.

3.To enhance their knowledge about various processing units of a dairy plant.

4.To know from the employees of the plant the cooperative of farmers that are working for providing

the milk to the dairy plant.


On the day of on 27 .4.15 an short excursion was taken of students of JAYAWANT PUBLIC SCHOOL to Katraj dairy plant,located in katraj of Pune district.Katraj district was incorporated in 1960.It is an organization which facilitates the milk collection of village farmers around katraj area of Pune.Its a massive organization which is working at a cooperative level to help economically the farmers around.

Katraj dairy manufactures milk and milk products like Double toned milk, Amarakhand, malai paneer, Ghee, Shrikhand etc; all products are available in their milk parlour.

The children went through the visit along with teachers as mrs. Supriya and mrs.Shrilaxmi.The employees were too cooperative in discharging the information to the students while they were moving through the plant.At the end they were gathered together and a movie was shown to them

Regarding the whole processing of the plant, though the students had a visit themselves only,but it was good for recapitulation. Like this the visit ended where students got more knowledge about a natural thing, its processing, the work of farmers, employees of plant and became more environmentally aware.

26th January Republic Day


  1. To inculcate meaning of constitution.
  2. History of India’s constitution .
  3. To know the aim of social revolution to foster this revolution by establishing conditions necessary for its achievements.
  4. To know the story of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, founder of our Indian constitution.
  5. To know the importance of flag hoisting.
  6. To make them aware about 7 basic principles of our constitution.


January 26th is our Republic Day. We celebrate this day every year. It was on this day in 1950s that India become a sovereign Democratic Republic and had a constitution of its own. The Republic day is celebrated all over the country with great pomp and show. In Delhi, it is celebrated amidst great enthusiasm and joy. A special parade is held onthis day. Early in the morning people begin to assemble at Rajpath and other places from Rajpath to Red Fort to watch the parade. The President of India takes the salute.

We in our school also celebrated this national festival with great spirit. On this day early morning we all gathered on Cygnet Public School ground and our dear students were in clean, tidy uniform were standing in a real spirit for the nation in a disciplined manner. We all teachers made all arrangements for this function, around at morning 7:30. Our School principal dear Mrs. Unnati Joshi mam, along with other staff and our campus Director Mr. V. A. Bugade sir, without whom this event would not have been successful, unfurled the flag of our nation, and we all respectfully saluted our flag and sang our National Anthem together.

Later some cultural programs like patriotic songs and dance were performed by our dear students. Last but not least sweets were distributed among all and thus it was a great success and nice event.

Exhibition – cum- sale


To promot the self sustanability among the students.

To enable the students to understand the value of money by self earning.

To enculate the value of co-ordination and co-operation.

To enhance the skills of Art & craft.

To increase the interest in organization capacity.

To make aware about the hidden talent among the students.


Jaywant Public School had organized the exhibition cum sale on 25th october 2014. The preparation for the same was started 15 days before. The Art teacher Mrs. Ashwini Ingulkar guided the teachers and students regarding the handicraft items. The students and teachers very enthusiastically participated and made different items in school as listed below.

1.Paper bags.

2.Colourful decorated diya (Panti)

3.Greeting Cards




7.Hairsclips etc.

Dr. Ravi Joshi the Director of Planning & Development of JSPM inaugurated the function. It was for his surprise that the students and teachers could make such things with such finishing and attractiveness. He congratulated all the staff of Jaywant Public School for arranging such exhibition.

Principal Mrs. Unnati Joshi motivated the students and teachers and tried to find the hidden talents among them.

Campus director Dr. V. A. Bugade , Asst. Campus director Prof. Sanjay Sawant also visited the exhibition and congratulated the whole staff.

The Carnival


1. To provide a fun event for the school community.

2. To gauge their social and economical contributions.

3. To improve the quality of festivals.

4. To give students the inherent challenges of collecting and interpreting data at the national and regional level.

5. To current best practice in assessing festivals collecting data and analysis in particulars.

6. To develop creativity and nurture talent

7. To help develop confidence and break monotony of regular academics.


Carnival is the most precious celebration in every school. Our school celebrated the carnival very uniquely. All the students, teachers as well as the parents participated enthusiastically. All the classes from nursery to standard V were given themes about states. All the major states of India like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka, Assam, Punjab etc. were selected for carnival theme. Each class displayed the tradition, culture, nature, food habits, costumes, festivals, dance and games, focus on chief ministers, language used,farming, biodiversity, climatic conditions of the particular state.

The preparation for the carnival started days before as students, teacher, parent all were so excited about it. The whole school was decorates very beautifully and was looking like a bride.

The actual motto of the program was to understand and respect about other states and people and their culture. It is the celebration where all the teachers, students as well as the parents worked as a team and show their gratitude to success in this program. The chief guest of this function was Dr. Vitkar Sir and all the principals and directors of JSPM Hadapsar, campus. The efforts taken by the teachers, students and parents were admired by the chief guest. The program was grately successful by the guidance of our principal Mrs. Unnati B. Joshi.


Selecting a theme for your carnival is a way to give it an identity, a central idea to drive your selection of games, decorations, even your food and prizes. So, the theme of the carnival was decided as “Incredible India” according to that each class hosted and represented a given state, its culture, its sport, its literature, its food, art and craft, folk song and dance etc.

Themes for the Classes:

Class 1( Godawari): Madhya- Pradesh

Class 1( Ganga): Panjab

Class 1( Kaveri): West Bengal

Class 1( Yamuna): Kerala

Class 1( Bhima): Gujarat

Class 2(Narmada): Karnataka

Class 2(Saraswati): Himachal Pradesh

Class 3(Krishna): Maharashtra

Class 3(Sindhu): Maharashtra

Class 4: Rajasthan

Class 5: Asam

The Event:

All the classes were decorated differently according to the theme of the class. Inside each the room so many stalls were arranged to represent the uniqueness of that particular state. All the students and teachers were dressed up according to the theme and they were welcoming the guests.


Stalls were showing the picture of the state with all the specialty of that state. Interactive games are one of the hallmarks of a carnival. Students and parents enjoyed a number of games organized like throwing ball in the loop, a ring toss etc. kids like prizes, it doesn’t seem to matter what the prize is, so for winners of the game some small prizes like chocolates were arranged.

Fort Exhibition


1. To easily customize to suit a particular community, becoming as simple or as over-the-top as people want.

2.To inculcate the values and traditions in students mind.

3.To show historical importance to the students.

4. To create interest in the subject of history.

5. To highlight the potential of school and the value it reflects

6. To showcase and highlight different ideas and understand how to hold exhibition

7. To reach to larger community.


The mud forts commonly known as Shivajikillas are built by children in Maharashtra with mud or clay in their homes or building premises to pay respect to the great Maratha Worrier, chatrapatishivajimaharaj. The art of building mud forts owes its roots to Shivaji’smastery in the area of fortification. The forts designed by Shivaji were not only legendary architectural masterpieces but they were also indomitable offering safety and refuge to his kingdom.

In our school we have organized fort exhibition for parents. Parents learnt and taught to the students or child the structure of various forts as also the stories associated with them what better way to teach history and ignite the pride and the rich heritage of our country?

Parents pay a key role in this exhibition, They made different forts using materials of mud, P.V.C. , clay, thermocall etc. They selected the best design for their materials It also developes sense of asthyetics when the parents and their kids decorate their forts and its citadel with fairy lamps saw dust, sow plants with mustered and coriander seeds.

All the parents and their kids participated in this event with great enthusiasm. Dr. Ravi Joshi was the guest of the event. He encouraged our students.



  1. To pay tribute Jawaharlal Nehru.
  2. To celebrate childhood.
  3. To promote objective of welfare and rights of children.
  4. To emphasize the importance of love and affection towards children.
  5. To strengthen the future of nation by inculcating values in them.


Children are the key of success and development of the country as they would lead their country in different and new technological way. They are adorable and shine same like the precious pearls. Children are the God gifts to their parents by the almighty. They are innocent, admirable, pure and loved by everyone. Children’s day is celebrated in India to commemorate the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, independent India’s 1st Prime Minister. The occasion is celebrated on 14th November every year with great splendor & grandeur.

Children’s day is celebrated every with a lots organized programs including cultural and fun activities all over the India. Government and non government organizations, school, NGOs, private bodies and other conducts variety of competitions as well as events for the children to let them known about their rights and make them happy and cheer. TV channels also demonstrate the interesting programs for the children on 14th November.

Parents take part in this event very enthusiastically to make their children happy; they distribute gifts, greeting cards to their sons and daughters. They go on picnic, long drive and enjoy the day with party.

A day making marking importance childhood, children’s Day celebrations focus on.

Children’s day is celebrated in our country to commemorate the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Independent India’s 1st prime minister.

Children’s day is celebrated every year with a lats organized program in the school all the children’s take part in this event very enthusiastically.

Our lovely students wearied color dress they all are in a good disciplined.

All teaching staff are arrange the program very well, around at our school principal respected Mrs. Unnati Joshi mam along with other teacher and Without them this event would not have been successful this program was done very nicely.



  • To develop scientific attitude and thinking.
  • To bring the schools quite close to community and the society.
  • To provide opportunity to the talented or creative students for the nourishing and nurturing of their creative talents.
  • To create interest in the students for science and thus may help in making the study of science a joy in itself.
  • To give the students an opportunity to see the individual or collective performance of other student.


Science exhibition for the academic year 2014-15 was conducted on 28 February 2015 at Jayawant Public school.The theme for the exhibition was ‘Conservation of Energy’. Most of the students have participated in the exhibition with different types of exhibits such as working model of wind mill, solar car, solar heater, rain water harvesting etc. Through this exhibition all of them got an idea on how to save and conserve energy through different ways.

On 22/12/2105, students from Jayawant Public School have participated for the science exhibition which is conducted at ‘BhekraimataVidyalaya’ at Haveli level. Students with the help of science teachers have made exhibits like working model of windmill, air push car, clap switch and simple model of bullet train.

There were many exhibits from other schools like model of smart city Pune, Arithmetic calculator, Model of formation of volcano, Rain water harvesting, Green roof etc. The students have explained about the exhibits in front of examiners very well. Through this exhibition students got an opportunity to become close to community and the society.



  1. To overcome superstitious belief among people.
  2. To create awareness about snakes as they are becoming extinct.
  3. To teach students and teachers against the fear of snake bite.
  4. To know more regarding folktales of this festival.
  5. To inculcate more knowledge regarding Nagpanchmi.


Nagpanchmi is a traditional worship of snakes or serpants observed by Hindus throughout India & Nepal. It is observed that on 5th day of bright half of lunar month of Shravan . Snakes are worshipped with milk of sweet ,flower, lamps and even sacrifies. Mantras are also chanted while praying. Fast is observed and Brahmins are fed on this occasion.

In some parts of India like south part this festival is celebrated by pouring milk on picture of snakes made on stones & pooja is performed . It is also believed that women who don’t have children may blessed with this Nag pooja on Nagpanchmi.

Similarly in our school on we also celebrated this festival with great enthusiasm and joy. The day started with many arrangements of pooja and the function with lighting of lamp and Maa Sarsawati pooja by our respected Principal, Mrs.Unnati Joshi she has given us a very good information and explained about some myths related to snakes. Addressing all students and teachers She told that snakes actually do not have ears they can not hear any noise .But when a snake charmers blows his pungi snake strats moving with action but not because of the melody of that instrument .She also gave information about feeding milk to snake may be harmful. Because snakes are kept empty stomach 5-6 days before Nagpanchmi, and during the festival when they drink milk, it becomes poison and for which snakes may fall ill or they may die.

All our students heard the information given by our Principal, very interestingly. As a guest of honour we also had our campus directors V.A. Bugade sir who conveyed his best wishes on this occasion.

Fire Demo


1 .To minimize risks.

2. To Provide their fire fighters with basic fire fighter training that is affordable, accessible and achievable.

3. To develop demonstrated technology.

4. To improve forest fire prevention.

5.To define common protocol for danger level.

6. To do all this physically possible and to save people.

7.To develop good understanding about importance of fire safety in school

8. To acquaint everyone about how to act In terms of fire outbreak.

9. To highlight the importance of life and property.

10. To highlight importance of safety precautions to prevent fire outbreak.

11. To understand how to inculcate in our daily lives.


A disaster is a serious disruption of the functioning of a community or a society involving widespread human, material, economic or environmental losses and affects community or society at large.It is important to cope using important resources.

To create awareness about fire and its hazardous effects, our school Jayawant Public School, had organized a fire demo for all the staff members, teacher, kakas and mavashis. A person had come from the disaster management. He showed how to use the fire extinguisher A B C and ABC. He focused more on ABC and also exhibited a practical about how to use, operate and see expiry date and if it is expired and what to do after it is no longer in use.

All the teachers, kakas, and mavashies had done the practical of fire demo. It is very essential to know how to use the fire extinguisher in a critical situation.

Investiture Ceremony


  1. To provide stimulating , purposeful and seure environment
  2. To enable all children to develop the necessary social skills in cheerful and stress free atmosphere.
  3. To Imbibe positive values among students that will be foundation of secure and confident individuals who are good human beings.
  4. To promote development of academic excellence, discipline, character, moral values and national integration among children.
  5. To inculcate in children the values of empathy, compassion, and respect towards environment.


Students of today are the visionalies and torch because of tomorrow, school is trying to develop the responsible human beings with leadership qualities, the new council undergone the swearing ceremony with a great pride.

Similarly in our JPS , we had a pride swearing ceremony that is investiture ceremony on 5th july, 2014. Our respected Principal Mrs. Unnati Joshi and our campus director V.A. Bugade Sir ingurated this function with lighting lamp and their inspirational speech.

Later the Bugade were given to all our dear House mistress that was as per House-

1) Green House – Mrs. Jayshree.

2) Yellow House – Mrs. Praribha Gupta.

3) Blue House – Mrs. Komal mam.

4)Red House – Mrs. Madhavi mam.

Later badges were also give to-

1) Head boy – Atharva Kadam.

2) Head girl – Himanshi Modi.

House wise Captain and vice captains.

1)Red House – Captain – Omkar Gaikwad.

Red House – Vice Capatain –Mrunal Shelar.

2)Yellow House – captain- Ayaan patel.

Yellow House – captain- Omisha Pandey.

3)Green House – Captain – Chintamani Kamathe.