• The academic year of the school begins in April and consists of two terms: First Term-April to September and Second Term-October to March.
  • The course of study is as per the syllabus prescribed by CBSE which comprises the subjects of English, Hindi, Marathi, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computer, Art & Craft, Music, and Physical Education.
  • English is the medium of teaching.
  •  Hindi &Marathi from Std. Ist.
  • The school calendar must be brought to school daily and must be duly filled by the student.
  • Parents/ Guardians must check and sign the school calendar regularly.
  • Students should not be subjected to private tuition as it would adversely affect his/herself reliance. It should not be done expect when in consultation with the class teacher.


External Examinations are largely inappropriate for the knowledge society of the 21st century and its need for innovative problem solvers.

  • Evaluation of Scholastic learning only on marks.
  • Ability of child not evaluated.
  • Limited Techniques of Evaluation do not identify learner’s level of attainment.
  • Resulting in Pass/Fail.
  • Causing frustration and humiliation.



Formative Assesment :

  • Assessment which is carried throughout the year by the teacher formally and informally.
  • It is diagnostic and remedial.

Summative assessment:

  • End of term or end of the year exams.
  • Feedback on learning (assessment of learning) to teacher and parents.

School Timings

Primary Section (Std I to VIII)

From Monday to Friday

8:00 am to 2:30 p.m.

Saturday timings (2nd, 4th & 5th Sat only)

8:00 am to 12:00 noon

1st and 3rd Saturdays and all Sundays are holidays.